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    Ideas for fireplaces, sauna heaters and interior

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    Tulikivi fireplaces, sauna heaters and
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    We are Finland's largest stone processor and the world's largest manufacturer of heat retaining fireplaces. Our fireplace collection includes several different types of fireplaces made of different materials: as well as heat reserving fireplaces, wood-fired ovens, bake ovens, stoves, convection fireplaces and stoves.

    At our factories in Juuka, Heinävesi and Suomussalmi, we manufacture fireplaces from both soapstone and ceramic mass and also surface coverings for other fireplace manufacturers. In addition, we manufacture the market's most modern, versatile sauna heaters for both wood and electric saunas. We provide wonderful decorative stone solutions for all spaces in the home: stone tiles and mosaics.


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    An extensive, versatile collection

    Are you building a new or renovating an old home? Our collection includes solutions for living rooms, kitchens, saunas and bathrooms. Check out our collection. Leave a request for quotation. We will build you the home of your dreams.


    Fill out the electronic warranty card

    After installing the Tulikivi fireplace, register your Tulikivi product on our website.
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    Instructions and tips

    Get to know the user instructions, cleaning and care of Tulikivi fireplaces and sauna heaters.


    Instructions for use and installation of the wood stove


    Installation instructions for electric heaters.


    Operating and installation instructions for control panels and KNX


    Installation and operating instructions for accessories


    Laying stove stones

    Stack the stones airily and sparsely.
    It is good to keep the resistors separate.
    By laying out the stove stones again every year, you increase the air circulation. At the same time, it is necessary to remove the corroded stones and replace them with new ones.
    Do not block the air openings on the edge of the stove.

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    Instructions for the use and placement of decorative stones

    Tulikivi Deco White decorative stones complete the look of the stove. Decorative stones are suitable for electric and wood stoves as surface stones on top of regular stove stones.

    The decorative stones must not touch the resistors of the electric stove.

    Stove stones must not block the air circulation openings of the electric stove.


    Heater lens installation instructions

    The stove lens, which elegantly illuminates the stove, is suitable for E-model floor stoves. With the heater light, you can conveniently get atmospheric light in the sauna. Easy to install as a retrofit. Control is done using the Tulikivi Sauna Control Panel.


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